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Don't be clumsy! Get organized!

Organize just everything.

BoxOrganizer is literally the fastest and easyiest way possible to organize all your belongings.

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Organization is the journey, not the goal.

It is really hard to keep an overview when things get messy. It doesn’t matter if you move, clean up your basement or organise other things: Keeping your things organized, makes life so much easier!


It's never been easier!

Scan it

Scan it

Easiliy scan items with your BoxOrganiser-App and add all important information.

Store it

Put it in a box

Place it in a box, drawer or on a shelf and stick your individual Box-Code on it.

Find it

Find it

Now either scan the Box-Code to find out what’s inside the box or search for items specifically.

Box Code user


Find items even faster with Box-Codes.

You can easily print* an individual QR-Code for every box and stick it on it. Thanks to our super fast Scan-Feature you can just scan it and instantly see what’s inside the box, whithout even opening it.

*Network-printer required



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